At Risk Youth Leader Academy

Our Leader Academy is providing a wide range of services to at risk youth including crisis intervention one-on-one life skills coaching, assistance with social service networks, individualized academic mentoring and career guidance. Youth involved will also be trained to become positive role models for younger children in their circles.

Life Skills

The Leader Academy includes life skills development programs and peer discussion as well as college and career exploration opportunities. Life skills development programs include effective time management, setting and achieving goals, resisting negative peer pressure and dollar power financial literacy.

Youth At Risk for Several Different Reasons

Many middle and high school aged youth will be enrolled in the Leader Academy with a focus on youth from the Darbo / Worthington Park neighborhood on Madison’s east side, Generally, these youth are considered at-risk due to single-parent households, low socioeconomic and minority status, and/or because of their need for consistent supervision and positive role models. The program will continue to be housed in the Darbo Salvation Army Community Center and at the Worthington Park Neighborhood Association office.

Other Entrepreneurship Programs

Other programs of MP include continuation of Off the Block Salsa, the development of East Side Barbecue and the formation of ReJeweled Coop. These entrepreneurship programs complement in-school learning and development during non-school hours. MP currently serves 100 youth per year. Funds raised through these programs will allow for continuation of services to this number plus an estimated additional 75 youth.