Volunteer Recognition

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MP held a volunteer recognition event on December 11, 2010 at The Pizza Oven in Monona, WI

Three interns this year – all studying in the Human Services and Criminal Justice Fields!
Joe Mingle, community volunteeractivist,
volunteered his time facilitating the
Darbo “Off the Block Salsa” Project.


Numerous speakers came out to our Boys’ Skills Development Groups in 2010

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*Madison Police Dept./Gang Task Force officer, Lester Moore
*Community Leader/Madison Fire Department Detective Johnny Winston, Jr.
*Ex-Badger Football player, Michael London
* American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
* Joni Dye, from the Madison Metro Golf Initiative

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Channel 3 Reporter Maria Guerrero
volunteered her time as a mentor of
a young girl from the Darbo area.



Madison Police Department volunteered
their time co-facilitating a Girls’ Basketball
Group this summer for the
Darbo/Worthington Park area girls.










65 people helped volunteer at the UW Badger Home Football Games,
totaling 390 hours of volunteering as a fundraiser for MP Skills Development Groups.

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Mentoring Positives at Badger Bioneers

Recognition for Mentoring Positives came thick and fast in 2011 and included Will Green’s invitation to speak to the Badger Bioneers conference.

Badger Bioneers is an annual two day event held each November, highlighting the work of Madison citizens who are creating a sustainable future, whether by greening their business, imparting Earth knowledge in the classroom, or nurturing the people and places of their communities. The conference invites talks by “local” sustainability heroes,” which it recognizes for their “innovative, creative work in community development and resilience – the heart of sustainability.”

Here is how the Badger Bioneers’ Website describes Mentoring Positives:

Mentoring Positives’ ten mentors currently work with 45 kids ranging from 10-year-olds to late teens. It has been hailed as “an unbelievable asset” by the Madison Police Department and praised by local parents and officials alike for providing a safe, supportive haven for young men.

“The program doesn’t have the reach, or the funding, of large and established mentoring programs like Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Green says that he is trying to hook the kids who have behavioral or mental issues that those programs don’t individually address. Yes, he plays basketball with teens, but Green’s mentees talk about life, help each other address family issues, and work through school suspensions.”