Mentoring Positives is committed to building strong, trusting relationships, positives attitudes, and life skills in youth through mentoring and social entrepreneurship.

The work with our youth since 2004


The total at-risk kids engaged in our positive mentorship programs

1 %
H.s. seniors

The graduation rate of Mentoring Positives high school seniors


The number of stores where you can find our youth-led social enterprise, Off the Block, salsa and pizza products


“Mentoring Positives taught me that I am somebody, not just that statistic they want me to be.”

Ralph, Mentoring Positive Alum

Mentoring Positives Alumni, Ralph (left) and Maurice (right)


“Before Mentoring Positives, Darbo was one of the worst neighborhoods you could live in. Will got in here, got this program going, got some of the kids off the street. The kids that were causing trouble came in to do something positive and they actually liked it.”

Maurice, Mentoring Positives Alum

“What really moves me is what Will is trying to do for the community and for people. He’s changed my life as I’ve got to do more public speaking, being more like a grown up and doing things I wouldn’t usually do.”

Evelyn, Mentoring Positives participant

“I’ve worked with a lot of different people doing programming all over the city, but to me, Mentoring Positives is the best boots-on-the-ground program in Dane County. There’s a lot of people that say they’re about change, but Will and Becky are really about changing the community for the better.”

Lester Moore, former Darbo Worthington Neighborhood Officer