Neighborhood Collaboration

Salvation Army

MP continues its collaboration with the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army Community Center is planning to expand its programming hours and MP hopes to be able to offer the community more programming during that time. A big thank you to the Salvation Army for the provision of essential gym space and other amenities that support neighborhood youth programming!

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

MP’s association with Holy Cross Lutheran, a neighborhood church, expanded this spring with the church graciously giving MP use of farm acreage right in the neighborhood for our food production programs.


MP collaborates with parents too. We recognize the deep importance of strong relationships with parents, so part of our job is to make sure we are talking to parents and getting their help whenever possible.

Testimonials from Collaborators

Our collaborations have drawn fourth the following testimonials.

“I saw firsthand the asset that Mentoring Positives and Will Green are to the youth, community and the Darbo neighborhood. Will Green is able to connect with youth and young adults and provide them with life skills. He is a leader that people look up to. Money invested in the program is well spent!”

MPD Neighborhood Officer


“We have partnered with Will’s group since June of 2006, Mentoring Positives has had a direct positive impact on more than a dozen young men right here in the Worthington Park Community. I believe the program is well staffed and has good leadership. I feel that with some added resources, it is a model for others to follow. We look forward to our continued relationship with Will and his group.”

Salvation Army Staff


“The Madison Police Department and Worthington Park Neighborhood Association have been working in partnership with Mentoring Positives for several years now. The Mentoring Positives program is an unbelievable asset to this community because of the dedication and passion of its Executive Director, Will Green. Since Mentoring Positives started working in the neighborhood, there has been a significant decrease in juvenile disturbances and crime. This is a program that residents of Madison can always count on for support. I highly recommend Mentoring Positive’s program to any agency willing to bring it to their neighborhood. I have seen firsthand the tremendous impact it has made on the East side of Madison and believe that the program could work throughout the entire city of Madison WI.”

MPD Police Sergeant


“I am a single parent trying to raise a bi-racial boy who has both behavioral and emotional problems. I was afraid that I would lose my son to either the streets or the system. Mr. Green spent several hours a day with my son and took on responsibilities that only a parent should have. Mr. Green made himself available to anyone that dealt with my child. When I am at my breaking point, I can call Mr. Green. He as taught my son that not all African American men are “gangsters” thugs, or always in and out of jail. He truly cares about the kids. We have been very fortunate to have Mr. Green a part of our lives over the past two years. He and his team have made it possible for us to trust and to know there are people who truly care.”

A Grateful Parent