Leader Academy

Through our Leader Academy, we provide youth with access to positive adult role models and long-term career skills. We work to develop skills in conflict resolution and anger management, as well as introducing our participants to a variety of small business ventures. We help our participants to fulfill their potential as youth leaders, and provide avenues for them to contribute to the community while developing their own skill set.

Our Leader Academy groups work on changing anti-social attitudes and behavior, promoting communication, increasing self-control and problem solving skills, and bolstering the social skills of participants.

Our programming works through four progressive phases. First, participants work on developing their inner leadership and self-efficacy; next, participants learn about relational leadership, which helps them to develop positive relationships; next, participants focus on explored leadership, and work to envision and pursue a positive future for themselves; finally, we give participants an opportunity to engage in real-world leadership and give back to their community as youth leaders.

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