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Off the Block: Summer Interns Perfecting Pizza

Our Off the Block summer interns have been hard at work! These 12 young people have been spending time at the FEED Kitchens developing the perfect recipe for Off the Block pizza, creating a marketing plan for salsa, and tending to our home-grown basil at the Mentoring Positives clubhouse.

Chef Thony of Cafe Costa Rica works with the interns at the FEED Kitchens

An important part of the internship program is connecting students with professionals in the community. In July, the group visited the FEED Kitchens to learn culinary skills from chef Thony of Cafe Costa Rica. Mentors like Thony teach real-world business skills and provide positive role models for these young people.

Over the course of the summer, each intern will receive 20 hours of training and 90 hours of real-world job experience. Students who successfully complete the internship will also be eligible for Leadership and Employability Certificates from the Department of Public Instruction.

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