Mentoring Positives Inc. (MP) is an innovative, referral-based mentoring program that works directly with kids and families throughout Dane County and its surrounding areas. 

We offer positive programs for elementary-high school aged boys and girls. Click here to find out more about our unique programming. Click here to contact us.

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”Mentoring Positives has help me keep out of trouble on the streets and make the right decisions when necessary. The MP mentors mean more than most people could think. They have guided us down the right path for years.”

Tyrone – student of MP and Off The Block programs.
”MP has helped me with my attitude with people and help me feel more comfortable around people. The mentors are like older sisters and brothers to me. Thanks to mentoring positives, my career goals are to go to college to become a doctor or a fashion designer.”

Gabrielle – student of MP & ReJeweled programs.
”I stayed in mentoring positives because it taught me a lot of things in life not just basketball but how to handle peer pressure school growing up without a father and setting good examples for the young people in our community. MP has changed my life in so many ways. It helped me stay out of trouble, get a job and showed me how to be a successful man in this world. I’ve learned that with hard work and dedication, I am taking care of my responsibilities.”

Maurice – participates in MP and Off The Block Salsa programs.
”MP always helps me with my homework. The mentors are like two years and they help me a lot thanks to Mentoring Positives, my career goal is to become a pediatrician.”

-Aaliyah, Student, Mentoring Positives & ReJeweled Programs.
”MP has helped me in so many ways. You can’t get too many kids to come off the basketball court and cook in the kitchen but will was able to do it. Being in mentoring positives has helped me stay on track keep focused and make good choices in my life. When we are working together, we can let go of the outside world and just be ourselves & have fun. Will is a great role model and one day, I hope I can give back to the community like he does.”

Arthur – Student of MP and Off The Block Salsa programs.


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 Mentoring Positives, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 Nonprofit Organization

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