The Big Share


📢 Calling all community champions! 🌟 We’re reaching out to YOU for support in nurturing the next generation through our culinary program at Mentoring Positives. 🍳👩‍🍳 On March 5th, join us in making a difference on!

Click Here:

Every donation counts in empowering our youth with essential culinary skills and opportunities for growth. Together, we can inspire dreams, foster talent, and create brighter futures. 🌈 Let’s cook up something special for our community’s future leaders! 💪 #MentoringPositives #BigShare #YouthEmpowerment #CulinarySkills #CommunitySupport #UpNextMarketingInc

Your Donation Helps

At Mentoring Positives, we’re dedicated to guiding youth down a positive path of growth and development. Through our programs, we empower them to learn, practice, and master essential social-emotional well-being and leadership skills. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to infuse every aspect of our work with love. We believe that love is the catalyst for transformation, fostering deeper connections, resilience, and a sense of belonging within our community.

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